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Types of Tea

All teas in the world are manufactured from the plant called Camellia Sinesis. However, the endless varieties of tea are differentiated based on the region where they were grown, the season in which these teas were harvested and the production method involved.

Following are the different types of teas:


1) Black Teas: 

Black Teas are a very popular tea type specially in the west including America, Europe, Russia, CIS countries and even India. Black Teas are relatively stronger and robust teas and can also be sometimes enjoyed with milk and sugar. English Breakfast Tea, Chai (Spiced Black Tea), Darjeeling, Earl Grey Tea, Lemon Tea are some of the best selling black tea blends in the world. Darjeeling, Assam, Ceylon, Kenya are known to grow some of the finest black teas. Our range at World Tea Room consists of all signature black tea blends, single region black teas, spiced teas and exotic flavors which make great iced teas as well. 

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2) Green Teas:

Green Teas are known to have several health benefits due to the abundance of natural anti-oxidants, flavanoids and beneficial polyphenols. Originally from China, Green Teas are refreshing, rejuvenating for the body & mind. A daily intake may also help in weight loss, better skin and avoiding various diseases. Considered to be the healthiest beverage in the world, Green Teas are drunk without any milk and sugar and are relatively bitter when compared with other tea types. We at World Tea Room source some of the most exclusive and unique green teas from China, Japan & India blended with exotic fruits, flavors and spices to make your cuppa delicious and healthy. 

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3) Oolong Teas:

Traditionally known as Black Dragon Tea in China, Oolong Teas are a go-between black and green teas with properties of both. Oolong Teas are semi-oxidised teas originally manufactured only in China. However some very exclusive Oolong Teas are now made in India & Ceylon as well. Oolong Teas are delicious and considered to be very healthy with abundant amount of anti-oxidants, even more than in Green Tea. Our range consists of some selective Oolongs from China, Darjeeling, a few blended with exotic flavors and fruits. 

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4) White Teas:

Initially only manufactured for the royalties and emperors of China, White Teas are very lightly oxidised with the highest amount of oxidants and catechins making them the healthiest tea type. Manufactured from the bud and two leaves of the tea plant, White Teas are very exclusively grown and are characteristic of a very light and subtle taste with unmatched natural sweetness.

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5) Herbal Teas: 

A unique range of healthy and delicious teas and infusions. Our range at World Tea Room consists of herbal tea blends and fruit melanges made from superior ingredients, real fruits, flowers and herbs imported and sourced from various parts of the world. They not only tantalise your taste buds with a myriad of flavors but also offer several healing properties.

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6) Blooming/Flowering Teas:

Flowering Teas are a unique tea spectacle which consists of a bundle of tea leaves tied around dry flowers in the form of handsewn round balls. When steeped in hot water these balls unfurl and bloom into a beautiful flower. These captivating range of teas are manufactured in the Yunnan province of China. Served in a transparent goblet to showcase its unique preparation, blooming teas are available in exciting flavors and flowers.

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7) Chai Teas:

Originally from India, Chai or 'Spiced Teas' are among the most popular tea blends in the world. The original recipe involves a strong flavoury black tea blended with rich spices. Chai Teas make for a robust full-bodied cup of tea and can be enjoyed with milk and sugar.

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8) Rooibos (Red) Teas:

Rooibos teas, also referred to as red teas, are manufactured from the Red Bush plant generally found in the Western Cape province of South Africa. Rooibos teas are naturally sweet, caffeine free and with abundance of natural healthy antioxidants due to which they are now consumed all across the world. 

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